Laser Lithotripsy in India – An Assurance of Quality, Security and Certainty

Laser Lithotripsy in India – An Assurance of Quality, Security and Certainty

One of the most widely discussed concerns among men and women between age group of 30-60 years is Kidney stones. Medical experts argue that the main reasons behind this issue are the well known causes related to wrong food habits and a highly stressful lifestyle. Other reasons are lack of water intake, consumption of a diet high in protein regularly, obesity or sometimes even heredity. Kidney stones are known to cause other symptoms such as pain in the groin, nausea, bleeding while urination and fever. Stones smaller than a diameter of around 3 millimeters are usually flushed out in the urine, however stones larger in size have to be treated by the procedure called Laser Lithotripsy. The advantages of the procedure is that it doesn’t need a surgery, so there are no incisions, no loss of blood, low chances of infection and to top it all, it demands a minimal duration of stay at the hospital.

Affordable Laser Lithotripsy - India’s Answer to the Problem of Kidney Stones

India is gradually emerging as the best medical tourist destination; with treatment quality matching that of US and UK and at the same time, the costs for these high-quality medical services are meager as compared to the treatment costs abroad. Educational forwardness has led to facilitating medical improvement and world – best treatments in India. Not only is India a medically advanced country but also it comes forward as being the most cost effective destination for medical needs. It is estimated that around 150000 patients travel from all around the world in order to undergo treating procedures. Up to date medical know- how and international standard quality are the highlights of the Indian medical envelope. For patients in the Middle Eastern countries and other Asian countries, the Indian government has reduced visa procedures on tourist visas to encourage their travel for treatment. Many hospitals in the metro cities have also gone a step ahead and hired translator for patients flying in from the Gulf countries for efficiency in communication and for a better offering of service.

iClinic – A Platform, a hub, a Medium to Get the Best Treatment available

It is of utmost importance that patients traveling in into India find the optimum and perfect doctor and hospital combination. IClinic helps you to explore all the available options on a single forum. Not only is it easier to make decisions but also helps you to find out various details. It completely assists you with all your end to end queries. Through IClinic one can avail consultation online and also connect with hospitals offering the required treatment in all the metropolitan cities. IClinic is your ultimate source for clearing any of medical queries. Through IClinic one is assured quality, safety and certain healing. Treatment options offered through IClinic are very cost effective. Procedures for medical conditions such as Kidney Stones make a big hole in the pocket if performed in the United States or Britain. However, with the provision of IClinic, the procedure along with hospitalization will cost you around 1800USD. This involves every expense except your travelling charges.

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