Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy in India – Rich in Quality, Less in Price!

Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy in India – Rich in Quality, Less in Price!

Varicocele is the unnatural swelling of a collection of veins in the scrotum. The swelling prevents backflow of blood and causes compression and defect in the valves in the surrounding veins. Deposition and collection of blood in these veins can result in the decrease in the effectiveness of the sperms created and in some cases, infertility also. Not also is there a reduction in the sperm count but also an alteration in the shape. It is generally observed that this condition occurs in the left testes; however they may be present in both the sides. It is important that one keeps an eye on the varied symptoms such as aching pain in the scrotum, reduction in the size of one or both the testicles, swelling of veins near the scrotum and extreme fluctuations in testosterone levels.

India in the Limelight for Medical Tourism

The rate of medical tourists in India is rising at an exceptionally alarming rate of 30% each year. The provision of great treatment and that too at a reasonable cost is a major attraction. The medical services in India have proved their medical competency time and again and this has proven to be a major advantage with the continuous rise of competition. The medical community here prides itself in having an enormous fleet of well- trained surgeons, extremely skilled physicians and nurses. Apart from offering world class treatment, it also offers alternate options for treatment such as Ayurveda and yoga for which they are well known worldwide. With India being an attractive tourist destination it only adds up that one could have a holiday for recuperation after a well progressed treatment.

The Cost Factor!

Surgeries and treatments for Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy can tear one’s pockets if done in the US or UK, However in India it costs around 4500USD. These are your expenses minus your travel tickets.

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