Male Hypospadias – A Rare Disorder That Requires Your Complete Attention

Male Hypospadias – A Rare Disorder That Requires Your Complete Attention

Attributed as one of the most unlikely to happen disorders amongst males, this problem mostly occurs at the time birth and should be wisely traceable during a newborn’s medical checkup. The head of the penis is sometimes not covered by the foreskin completely. The correction of this condition is generally performed between 3-18 months. Repairs can also be done in the childhood only or as the child enters into his adulthood. The objective of the correctional surgery is the creation of a normally straight penis and a urinary passage that ends at the tip of the penis. The procedure on an average takes about 90 to 180 minutes and is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. Failure to perform this procedure results in low fertility, discomfort is controlling urine and also curvature in an erect penis.

India as the Best Pedestal for Medical Tourism

The concept of medical tourism began with the Greeks traveling all over the Mediterranean in order to get treated. India is well known for the healthy practice of Yoga, which came into limelight over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda, also regarded by many people as the science of life is a favorite among people all over the world.

How Medical Tourism Works?

  • Patient has a need for some treatment
  • Browsing through available options
  • The selection of the destination of treatment
  • Providing follow up care with the help of online consultants
  • Accommodations for reaching hospitals/destinations
  • Procedure/surgery or treatment done
  • Recovery procedures that can last up to one week
  • Travel back home
  • Follow up

Advantages of Being Treated in India

  • 30- 80% savings in the procedural and travel expenses
  • No waiting lists as compared to other countries
  • Splendid quality of treatment along with a reliable crew of well trained and professional doctors
  • Facilities at world class standards that are modified for the comfort of the clients
  • Well known and well trained experienced surgeons
  • Use of latest technology to carry out all procedures
  • Patient and well trained customer care professionals
  • India is widely known for its specialization in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, treatment of cardio vascular diseases, orthopedic surgeries, cancer, reproduction and treatment of various other types of complications.

iClinic’s Broad and All-Inclusive Suite for authentic information

iClinic broadens the arena to be able to be treated in a comfortable way. Not only does it give you options and means to be treated, but it also helps you to make the right choices. The flow of options and ways of getting treated are all at your disposal at the click of a button. With the process being extremely simple and sorted, iClinic makes it really comfortable to address any kind of a medical emergency putting the patient and the family at rest.

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