High-Quality Diabetic Foot Treatment at Affordable Rates in India

High-Quality Diabetic Foot Treatment at Affordable Rates in India

Are you a diabetic person suffering from foot problem? Do your feet have to go through the agony of pain because of nerve damage or any infection? Are you unable to find a cost-effective solution for all your diabetic foot problems? iClinic Healthcare enables you to get connected with numerous world-class hospitals in India, and gives you the freedom to choose the appropriate doctor and the best hospital for yourself. You can be sure of high-quality diabetic foot treatment at a reasonable cost with iClinic.   

How Diabetes causes Foot Problems?

Diabetes is one of those diseases that have the power to damage organs and even impair the immune system of the patient, if it is left uncontrolled. It has been found that diabetic people are more prone to serious foot problems. Diabetes makes the patient unable to feel their feet properly and it affects oil production as well as sweat secretion in the skin of the foot. This can cause permanent impairment of the feet. Diabetes causes unusual pressure on bones, joints, and even skin of the patient’s feet while walking. This may rupture the skin. Also when wounds or sores develop in the feet, weakened immune system is not able to heal these wounds. These can lead to further infections and other fatal problems which can only be cured by amputation of the affected foot such as diabetic foot ulcers or ganglion formation.

Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care through iClinic

A diabetic foot surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach. Besides a foot and vascular surgeon, it is vital that a diabetologist, a clinical microbiologist, an orthotist, and a podiatrist are present during the surgery. In serious conditions, patients are not treated on outpatient basis. Indian hospitals are well-equipped with all the necessary medical amenities and have state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide utmost care to the patients. They make certain that all these international protocols are followed properly.

Feel the Difference with iClinic Healthcare

Highly-trained and skilled foot surgeons perform diabetic foot surgery in some of the finest hospitals in India. iClinic ensures you to select a top-notch hospital that have dedicated and experienced medical team for vascular surgeries. These vascular surgeons work in collaboration with foot surgeons who are well-versed with the surgical anatomy of the foot.

The Most Viable and Cost-Effective Solution

Medical tourism in India gives you the power of living a painless life by getting your diabetic foot treated at one of the renowned hospitals of India at a modest cost. You will be paying almost 70% less than what you need to pay in US or UK hospitals for the same treatment. The iClinic team works to offer you the best of facilities at the most affordable costs. Moreover, we value the importance of emotional and psychological support during and after the surgery to the patient and the family.

We offer you guidance and aid in both medical and non-medical issues to make your medical travel a success!

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