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It is quite challenging physically and emotionally to plan your medical treatment outside your home country and we at iClinic Healthcare understand it. The International Patient Service from iClinic Healthcare aims to make your medical experience less stressful and ensures that you get the best medical treatment, are comfortable away from home and return to your country in good health.

iClinic Healthcare boasts of a panel of highly qualified and experienced doctors and renowned medical centres and facilities so that you can choose the best possible treatment for yourself or your loved one. Our doctors are experienced and have worked with some of the best international medical institutions. You can seek further information from the “Our Specialists” section in the website about various doctors and specialists.

If you have a medical concern and are not sure, you can also resolve your initial queries by submitting your medical questions and we will get back to you with the appropriate medical information, doctor and medical facility details. Our team responds to your medical needs in the shortest possible time, based on the nature of medical query or help required, medical procedure information and quotes on the best medical package that iClinic Healthcare has to offer.

We have partnered with some of the best medical facilities and hospitals in India that offer advanced medical treatments, surgeries and assist you to recover quickly without taxing your pocket. You can also connect with your chosen doctor online through iClinic, before planning a treatment and discuss your medical condition in detail. If you are convinced, then you can choose from a vast array of packages that we have to offer and seek our assistance to plan your stay in India.

Payments: We accept all major credit cards. There is also a payment getaway for easy payment. 

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