Medical Tourism Gaining Traction in India

Medical Tourism Gaining Traction in India

Advanced healthcare services, low-cost of medical treatments and surgeries, state-of-the-art medical facilities all-aligned with global standards, and much more - these are the qualities that best sum up the medical facilities in India and are the reasons behind making India as the global hot spot in medical tourism. Medical tourism industry is burgeoning at a very fast rate. In this up-coming field, availing the best medical care at affordable costs as per the expectations of the travellers is what describes medical tourism. Among the Asian countries, India is the most sought after destination for a plethora of medical and healthcare needs. India is best known for providing the finest treatments in heart surgeries, hip replacement surgeries, knee transplantation, dental care and many more.  


Statistics Say It All!

According to a report, the country ranks among five major spots for medical tourists internationally. It saw a footfall of about 166,000 tourists for medical needs from various parts of the world in the year 2012, the report added. The report also highlighted the fact that Indian medical tourism industry is likely to touch the 6-billion-mark by the year 2018. This brings to the fore the rising prominence of India as a major hub for high-end medical facilities and critical services. One major reason for India’s gaining credence at the global level for its medical services is the comparatively lower costs of medical procedures and treatments as against the costs incurred for the same services in US, UK and other countries. According to an article in The Hindu, medical procedures like surgeries and transplants in the country costs about 10% or even less than that of the cost incurred in America for the same treatment.


Best Talent Pool and Facilities

India has a large pool of trained and skilled medical practitioners, quality hospitals and healthcare institutions providing services at a very affordable rate. The services being provided in India are very much at par with the developed countries. As compared to their counterparts abroad, Indian healthcare specialists and practitioners are highly competent. We also have best of our doctors working in the US and the UK hospitals, giving weightage to the fact that India has a wider edge in terms of best talent, providing quality services to patients coming from all parts of the world. Not only it is the low-cost-factor that draws medical tourists here, rather it is the overall costs that are incurred during the stay here in India, spent on accommodation and food, besides it is the quality of the treatment that adds a much greater value to India becoming the fastest growing medical tourist destination among other countries.


Key Advantages of the Medical Tourism in India

  • World level corporate hospitals and excellent services
  • The country has higher success rate of treatment than in the US
  • Skilled staff personnel and improved infrastructure
  • No barrier of language as medical staff is acquainted with English
  • Attractive travel packages for medical tourists


What More to Look for?

India is a land of great pioneers of medicines--Charaka and Susruta. The Ayurveda concept of treatment evolved in India centuries ago much before allopathic treatment was discovered. Traditionally, India has served as the major hub of the critical healthcare system and even today the ayurvedic and Unani treatments are gaining momentum making the country as the most looked after for treatment for critical illnesses.


Approximate Prices for various Treatments



Total Knee Replacement

5500 USD

Heart Bypass

7200 USD


4500 USD

Liver Transplant

30000 USD

Bone Marrow Transplant

30000 USD

Kidney Transplant

16000 USD

Breast Implants

4000 USD

Total Hip Replacement

6000 USD

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